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Montessori Casa dei Bambini was established in 2005, with a school in Chantilly, VA. Casa dei Bambini means House of Children in Italian; named after the first Montessori school opened by Maria Montessori in Rome, Italy. Montessori of Chantilly is a Full Member school of American Montessori Society. Our Gainesville location has been open since September 2011 in the Saranac neighborhood off Glenkirk Road. It is across from Glenkirk Elementary School.

Montessori of Gainesville offers a Montessori Pre-Primary program for children ages 20 months to 3 years, and a Primary program for children ages 3 years to 6 years. We also offer a full day Kindergarten program for children that have attended a Montessori program in their pre-school years. Every class has at least one AMI or AMS Montessori certified teacher. Yoga, Spanish and Music classes are part of the standard curriculum. Children experience the outdoors with a gardening area for each class, along with multiple bird houses throughout the playground.

Montessori of Gainesville also offers Before and After-school care for children that attend Glenkirk Elementary School.


Mission Statement

To provide an optimal learning environment for children as they prepare for a life of principle and virtue. We strive to instill in our students the skills and confidence to meet the challenges of self, family, community and the world at large.

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“The child is endowed with unknown powers, which can guide us to a radiant future. If what we really want is a new world then education must take as its aim the development of these hidden possibilities”
Maria Montessori

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